Sense of Acccomplishment

Background: A year ago today I shared my first blog posts. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Writing a blog was something I felt led to do. But would I be diligent? Was I disciplined enough to stick to a twice a week schedule and provide an engaging conversation with references to the 31st chapter of Proverbs? Or will this be something I start and don’t finish? Well after a 2 week break to move into a new house and get kids settled back into school, I’m proud to say that I met the challenge of being a consistent blogger for a full year. And what a joy it has been to share my thoughts and experiences with you. It warms my heart to hear how my blogs hit home with you or how they made you laugh. As I write each of them I have those moments as well.

In the latter portion of the P31 passage, we see a woman diligent about marriage, family, business, ministry and most importantly God. It is obvious that she was diligent because it closes with her being praised for all her efforts. Praise doesn’t come from being a one-hit-wonder. Praise comes after your works have been tried and proven to be trustworthy. As I was blogging this year I also started a new job, sold and built a new house, and coordinated an international trip for our family, while supporting my husband as he pursues his executive MBA and at this point I am about 5 months with child. Do I say all that to toot my horn. Not necessarily but since I said it, I might as well get a “toot, toot” in there. I say all that to parallel with the P31.

One of the first blog posts describes how my initial thoughts of the P31 woman were how unobtainable her status was. But after reading and meditating on it, God revealed how she was a woman just like you and I, with a desire to be her best in every area of life with the help of God. She wasn’t perfect, even though she is portrayed that way. God has a wonderful knack for using imperfect people in an extraordinary way. So as I look back at this great accomplishment of diligence and balance, it proves even more that this was an ordinary woman who loved God, that was able to be extra-ordinary in every area of life. And so is it with us.

We all have our different responsibilities and roles in life, but our commitment to God and those responsibilities and roles is what sets us apart and makes us excel all other woman. When you start feeling like throwing in the towel, or like your gas tank is running on fumes, remember the awesome gift God has made you to be to the people in your life. Take the time to praise God and yourself for what you have accomplished with His help. No one takes more pleasure in your accomplishments than Him, after all, He created us to dominate the Earth, and I’m quite sure that seeing us do that on both large and small scales brings great joy to Him.

I praise all you wonderful women out there that are diligently expanding and enhancing the people in your life, and the businesses and ministries that you have been given. You truly excel all other women. Thank you for your support, great and small.

Proverbs 31: 10-31

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Dear Daughter, you have excelled just like the Prov31 woman! There’s so much more of extra ordinary for you to do. I admire you energy and drive for self satisfaction in what God has placed in your life to accomplish.

Continue to strive for excellence and you’ll perform excellent things. With God at the helm, everything and everyone you touch will be blessed. We love you and are very proud of you.

Mom and Dad

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