The Balance

Background: I’m reading a book right now about food and how some foods in particular cause your pH balance to trend more acidic or more alkaline. Which triggers me to write this blog post.

Instead of pH balance we’re going talk about v30b balance. Part b of verse 30 says(YLT),  “a woman fearing Jehovah, she may boast herself.” Let’s zoom in on the “fearing” part.  Fear, or a reverential awe, especially toward God, is a multilayered word. Certain actions and thoughts are required in order for the word to be relevant. And by certain actions and thoughts I mean Prayer, Worship, Praise, and maybe a few other things that most of us should be engaging in as Believers, but I won’t address that here.

I can’t even express how important, how vital, how necessary prayer is. Prayer can be the difference between you losing your job because you acted unGodly or getting a promotion because you spoke words of wisdom and the law of kindness rolled from your lips. It can make the difference between everyone around you having a good day or everyone joining in on your pity party.

The same goes for praise or worship. You can literally change the atmosphere of any setting with praise and worship. And by praise and worship I don’t mean the genre of music. Our lives are supposed to be a sweet smelling thing in the sight of God. And when we take the time to engage in prayer, worship, praise, and a few other things I won’t address here, as believers, we maintain a healthy balance. These three things I’ve mentioned (and the others I didn’t) are matters of the heart, not a task on your agenda. These three things bring you into an intimate encounter with God, a conversation. A dialogue that will change not only your day, but the course of your life.

One of the unmentionables I have decided to mention is studying the Bible. All of these things must be incorporated in order for us to achieve some level of balance in our lives. Unfortunately there are times when going to my weekly church services are the only time I get into my Bible (don’t scoff at me, you know that’s you too). I can’t go too long like that because I’ll start to see and feel the shift in the balance of my life. Take every moment of your day and use it. If you are driving to work, pray on the way, praise on the way, listen to the word on the way. If you have the luxury of having a lunch break, go to your car or some place quiet and initiate a conversation with God. If you’re sitting in the waiting room at your doctor’s office, shut down Words With Friends and pull up the dusty Bible app on your phone.

Maintaining this balance with God and life is crucial. If the pH of your body trends just a little to the acidic side or a little to the alkaline side, health consequences are imminent. It takes a balanced diet, with the right amounts of various foods and exercise to maintain the delicate pH of you body. Same goes for your life. Maintaining the balance between fearing God and completing the day to day grind that adds up to an accomplished life, qualifies us to excel all other women.

References: Proverbs 31 verses 30,29,26

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