Mix match socks, purple earrings & the jelly stain

Have you ever found yourself in the mobile office with at least one of your team members wearing mix match socks, the one that has grape jelly on his white shirt, and you have on earrings that don’t match? Well, maybe not all at the same time, but at least one or two of those things. And there’s no time to go back and fix what’s out of order. It’s almost a requirement for something to be imperfect during the AM rush.

I often tell people, you have to live with a certain level of craziness in order to manage a family. The more people you have in your household, the level of craziness increases. But the craziness is not out of control, it does not reign in the family. It’s simply a force that has to be balanced. And when craziness attempts to tip the scales, you have to be wise enough to know the best way to counteract. Sometimes your counteraction may bring peace to your situation and other times the proper counteraction may bring increased discord with the hope of peace in the near future. But consistency in how you maintain your balance is important.

In the case of the socks, earrings and jelly; an emergency neutral pair of earrings and a Tide pen served as the counteraction. There was no intervention for the socks.

May your day be balanced.

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