I’ll have salt with that

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, but dinner has to be the most engaged in meal of the day. I like to think that I can cook a little bit. I’ve been educating the children here and there on flavoring food. So the importance of salt in bringing out flavors has been a focus for the kids. So much so that they’re requesting salt with meals. I slightly feel bad because adding salt to your food is a bad habit, but if I’m going to eat, I want my experience to be like none other.

With that said, lets chat about healthy eating habits. Even though my kids ask for additional salt, I tell them, I’ve already put some in their food and there’s no need for more. I’m all about flavor, but I also try to choose meals that I know will cause my family’s body to grow, not decay. The PM shift is a hairy one and can frequently end with fast food, pizza and a side of 2-3 snacks. Variety and preparation are key to getting some healthy meals in during the week. A good way to keep unhealthy foods out of the mouths of your family, is to not buy it in the first place. Make your grocery shopping purposeful and thoughtful. Another way to manage not so healthy foods is to manage the portion sizes.

Don’t get me wrong, my PM meals are probably 50/50 when it comes to healthy and unhealthy, but that beats the alternative. If we want the players on our teams to operate at their best, we have to put the best in them.


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