Beautiful Creation

Background: My hubby, first born and I are sitting in the dentist office listening to the anesthesiologist explain how the gas they are getting ready to make my child inhale is going to affect his brain and body. I look at my son, content in the chair playing an iPad. I look at his face and his mannerisms and think how handsome and brave he is. What a beautiful creation.

I was inspired by my child’s eye catching features and the intricateness of our bodies. I can’t give God enough credit for this shell he put us in. I mean, who thinks of something so complex. It reacts to the environment around it, it’s adaptable to change, it’s comes with all the necessary materials to reproduce itself and repair itself. And to think we are made in his image, with similar creative capacity.

Being a mom is such a spectacular opportunity. The actual conception and birthing of a child is a small portion of the reproductive capabilities God has given us. The rearing part of reproduction, making that child to be a true reflection of God, is the miraculous part. It takes a whole person, despite the hand life has dealt, to consistently mold your children into a being with purpose and direction. Our lives are not our own, in more ways than one. Although we are to enjoy the life we have been given, we must also dedicate our energies to our God, our families and the work we have been called to do.

It’s obvious that I love this passage in Proverbs 31, I talk about it every week :-). But this woman was phenomenal. She had the essence of being a woman down to a T. And I’m quite sure there were times when her “t” wasn’t crossed, but her cumulative acts when she walked the earth spoke volumes. She adorned herself with beautiful clothing, she managed her home, she supported and “cared” for her husband, she cooked, she extended her hand to the poor and needy, she was a businesswoman. And the beginning of the chapter is an instructional passage given from a mother to her son. My favorite part is the first sentence, “The words of Lemuel king of Massa, which his mother taught him”.  What an awesome responsibility to teach our children, and for that mother, to teach a king.

How often do we see our children as kings and queens? There aren’t many royal crowns left in the earth, but there are plenty of mountains that are available to conquer and its our duty to train up leaders that can sit at the top of those mountains. Some might say that everyone can’t be a leader, and I’d have to say you are right. Not everyone will be taught and groomed to be a leader, so they will follow. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I pray that your sense of urgency to mold those beautiful creations is heightened. Something as small as encouraging them more often or smiling more. Teach them how to do something they may not know how to do that will help them in life. May your cumulative acts as a mother speak volumes.

Quick mother’s day shout out to my Mom. You continue to amaze me even in my adult years. You are always teaching us and loving us. I know that how you and Dad raised us was truly a privilege, as many people don’t have a 2-parent home with a God-fearing man and woman. I love you. You inspire me. It’s an honor to be your daughter.

Reference: Proverbs 31: beginning to end

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