Flow with it

Background: I’m walking out of my place of work, thinking about an outfit I plan on wearing this weekend. I was with a friend when I bought the clothing and we decided I should buy something I don’t typically wear. We messed around with daisy dukes and lacy tops, but what I chose, from that store, was a leopard print blazer. And the thought that came to mind was, “you live life once, flow with it”.I was raised rather conservatively and in my adult years I’ve struggled with showing a little leg and revealing my curves. In the last few years I’ve learned to embrace what I have and display it in a classy way. My curves won’t always be in the same place and I won’t always be able to strut in 4-6 inch heels, so I might as well do it now. The same goes for my dreams. I’m writing this to you because it’s a prerequisite for writing a book. I want to live out all that I have bundled up inside of me, and there’s no better time than the present.

The P31 is such an inspiration. Every scripture describes what she’s doing in life. None of it is run-of-the-mill or dull. She’s a fashion designer, a home chef, a horticulturalist, a philanthropist, skilled under the sheets, a mom worthy of praise, a teacher and encourager, an entrepreneur and physically fit. She isn’t doing all these things just to do them, so people can praise her, she’s getting out everything that’s on the inside of her so that God is pleased with her.

A very powerful pastor has said that his goal is to die empty. I’ve embraced this saying, I don’t want to go to my grave with any unwritten books, any money that could have been used to advance God’s kingdom, any memories I could have created with my family, any ideas that could have changed the world. We get one shot at this and in our house we’ve decided we won’t be turning down any opportunities that will propel us forward. Even the ones that look scary and the ones we wouldn’t typically choose. That one opportunity that you allow to pass by or that you mishandle could be your door to endless possibilities. We’re not willing to give that up.

So when I shopped this particular time, I picked up a few things I typically wouldn’t wear. It was fun, my hubby enjoyed it, I liked how I looked. Going into my closet is now an adventure instead of a routine. And your life should be that way. Filled with mini adventures, all culminating to a beautiful, fulfilling life. So once again, I urge you to flow with life, make the best of every opportunity that comes your way and seek out ones that are out of your comfort zone. It will expand you as a person and provide more areas for you to live out all that’s bundled up in you.

References: Proverbs 31:10-31

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