Imperfections = Authenticity

Background: My husband is out of the country and wants to purchase some jewelry. My first response was, “make sure it’s real”! It led me to think about diamonds and how something of such great value, has imperfections.

A “perfect” diamond has never been found. One might think that this is simply because no one has found one. But wouldn’t you think the major players in the diamond industry would have come across at least 1 or 2? At least enough to say that they exist? I believe they don’t exist. Diamonds are valuable because of their strength and density as well as their beauty. The process that rock undergoes to form diamond is one of intense heat and pressure. So after all that, occurring naturally, it’s probably unlikely that there is a diamond that is perfect. But perfection isn’t valued in the diamond industry. Why focus on something that doesn’t exist. Rather the diamonds with the least imperfections and brightest color and clearest clarity are valued.

My point? Imperfections signify authenticity. We can get so hung up on not doing everything right or trying to make sure we look perfect on the outside, when the natural imperfections of each individual are what make us unique and signify value. Now, jacked patterns of thought are not natural imperfections. You can read into that however you’d like. I speak of our outward characteristics, our disabilities, our talents. They all were formed into us, not to hold us back but to glorify God. It’s obvious he’s not looking for perfection, just a person who is willing to value their natural imperfections and demand that the world place value on them and their creator.

So why is a woman, with all of her imperfections, worth more than diamonds (Proverbs 31:10 MSG)? Because imperfections don’t determine who we are. It’s all of the other characteristics about us that overshadow the imperfections. And as long as we focus on what really matters and not the imperfections, great value will be placed on us. When you look at yourself in the mirror on a day when “everything is working”, you feel like you can conquer the world. And you can, when you value you.

There are things I wish I could do better or that I was gifted to as well as someone else. But I realize that everyone’s uniqueness has a purpose and that uniqueness can fill the needs and desires of others that can receive it. Make sure you are in relationships where your characteristics and talents are invaluable. Whether that’s in your home, your workplace or community. Diamonds are mainly used for industrial purposes or as gems, both still very valuable. Know your purpose, find your niche and be a person of value.

References: Proverbs 31:10

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