Today, I hung up my cape.

Background: Weekday mornings are like a NASCAR race. But imagine a pit crew of 1. The superwoman pit crew. I generally do this morning routine on my own, but today, I did something different.

It’s between the 6 and 7 am hours during the week, and anyone with school aged children knows this is go time. No lollygagging allowed, we can’t be late. I woke everybody up, I fed everyone, I would make lunches, bathed and dressed people (including myself), and then transported everyone to their destinations. Some days I was able to pull off the amazing and always fleeting on time arrivals. But this particular day, I asked my husband to permanently help me with the morning rush. I decided to hang up my cape. That thing was starting to strangle me.

Being a superwoman is overrated. There’s very little gratification and it’s tiring. You can become bitter because saving the day mostly rests on your shoulders, so when you fail, you secretly wish someone would have helped to make the day a success. And it gets lonely, doing all that impossible stuff by yourself. I’d rather settle on just being efficient rather than a superhero. Superhero’s are expected to make things right and they expect themselves to make things right. Sharing the responsibilities of life with those you love or those you can afford to hire, makes life more enjoyable for us all.

I have always seen the woman described in the Proverbs 31 passage as a superwoman. But as I have studied her more in depth, she’s just like me and you, only a little wiser. She’s a master delegator and a skilled time manager. And she’s seasoned. I’m sure the writer of that passage valued all of her positive attributes, which heavily outweighed anything negative. The encouraging thing about the fact that she’s a woman just like you and I, is that we can obtain what she had. She’s not a superwoman with special powers that are only unique to her. Her roadmap to success was written down for us to follow. I don’t know about you, but I want what she had and I’m willing to do what she did.

Like I mentioned earlier, I just want to be more efficient. That requires that I seek wisdom and become a better delegator. Nothing great is accomplished by one person. I’m pursuing greatness, so the cape must come off.

References: Proverbs 31:10-31


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I love this! I hung my cape up a long time ago! I know I need help, and I don’t mind asking for it. 🙂

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