God, a Good Friend and a Good Bra

Background: I’m in the bathroom, completing my morning routine and I can’t help but admire the bra I have on. It wasn’t a fancy one from Victoria Secret, I actually bought it from off the clearance rack at Kohl’s. But it was a good fit and was pretty. I think about how this bra made me feel, it gave me a little boost, in more ways than one.

There are times when we don’t feel our best. Not necessarily sad, just not chipper. The complexity and responsibility of our lives can wear us down. In times like those, God, a good friend and a good bra can make our world right again. Talking to God about the things that wear us down is always the best place to start. He offers solutions and comfort like no one else can, because He loves us like no one else can. The Holy Spirit can direct us as well as God’s word, so that we can reach a place of joy.

I went to an event the other day and my friend was the speaker. It was such an honor to be there to support her. You can’t put a price tag on good friends. They say things unexpectedly that bring a smile to your face. When you need advice or a sounding board, they are there. Never forsake the importance of a good friend. You’ll know you have one if you read Proverbs 31, it should remind you of her when you read it.

Now back to this bra. Sometimes a funk can be lifted with something that makes us feel good. Something that makes us look beautiful. Or something that makes us stand out. These kinds of things give you a boost in the self esteem department, and we all need a boost there every now and again. The key to self esteem boosters is that they boost without busting. What I mean by that is this, binging on cookies that make you feel good, will ultimately make you feel worse in terms of your health and self image. So choose self esteem boosters that will still leave you happy the next day and not bring you regret.

The wonderful people in our lives may not always provide a self esteem boost. Keeping our challenging/stressful thoughts to ourselves, will lead to some type of breakdown. Not having a trustworthy friend that can take time to help you through “one of those days”, can be lonely. But communing with God and a friend, takes the focus off of those things that interrupt our joy. And The self esteem boosters promote satisfaction within oneself. So if you’re like me, and you occasionally have a not-so-chipper day, try tapping into the three Gs, God, a good friend and a good bra.

References: Proverbs 31:10,22,30

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