“Hello world, I’m Stinky Feet”

Background: Sitting in the car, waiting to go home, with the boys in the backseat. After removing their socks, chewing on them and them slapping each other with wet socks, my 5 year declares, “Hello world, I’m Stinky Feet”!If you are a friend or family member, you may be familiar with my 2 or 5-year-old phrases of the day. These are thought provoking or just downright silly things my kids say. So today’s blog about children is naturally titled after one of their silly sayings.“Her sons have risen up, and pronounce her happy, Her husband, and he praiseth her,”
Proverbs 31:28 (Young’s Literal Translation)

Now, I have never read this translation of the verse before but it does warrant a P31 conversation. I have 2 boys, both very different in their personality, but both are strong-willed. (I didn’t know it was possible to have more than one strong-willed child. What happened to not putting more on someone than they can bear. I guess the hubby and I are well equipped to handle these two.) This of course leads to days where there is conflict, and over time it can wear you down.

I recall when my oldest son was 2 and 3 years old, how distraught I was that this little person was so defiant. He is brilliant intellectually, but will stand flat-footed and declare that the opposite of what you say is right. I had become so fed up with this little boy that I found myself always yelling and frequently fussing. I even had one of his caregivers inquire about our family history and if there were any spiritual strongholds that may have been passed down. My only response to that is “yes, we have a long line of strong-willed people in my family”. After a potty training fallout with my oldest son, that involved some yelling and fussing, I finally hit a turning point. I realized that my little man was getting older and coming to an age where his long-term memories will begin to form. I decided then that I didn’t want to be remembered as a yelling mom. And I didn’t want to create a bull-headed man that won’t listen to a woman. I only have them for a few years and I have to make those years count.

So my yelling has dramatically decreased and I try to understand the context of the situation before I proceed with instruction or correction. I want my boys to enjoy being with me and I want them to come visit me after I launch them into the world. I want them to pronounce me, happy.  And I want them to find happy wives, which should be easy because they’ve seen what a happy woman looks like.

Reference Proverbs 31:28 Young’s Literal Translation

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