On and Popping: Addendum to Hot Mess

Background: Everything is working on the exterior and confidence is high on the interior. Why not make an effort to have everything working everyday. Some people have mastered this while others don’t see the value, or just can’t get it together. I used to be in the “don’t see the value” category, but now I fall into the “can’t get it together” category.

This is the day you get compliments left and right and you’re taking them in because you know you deserve them. You’re confidence level is on 10 because on the outside you are loving what you see. The compliments don’t really mean a whole lot because whether someone noticed or not, you still got it going on. I have to admit I don’t have this day everyday and this is probably true for all of us. But why not make an effort to have this level 10 confidence regarding our looks everyday?

I’m a little more mature than I used to be and I’m more comfortable in my skin than ever before. There was a day where I was comfortable in my skin, but the exterior was not a reflection of my comfort level. I would ignore people’s pleas for me to spruce up the place in the name of “take me as I am”. I didn’t see the value in spending time on how I looked. What did it matter? I like me! But the truth is, I also liked how so-in-so looked in that dress that I wouldn’t have bought. I also thought that woman’s makeup was beautiful, and I refused to put that stuff on. In my mind, I saw those things as something I was not, and putting those things on would make me betray who I thought I was, who I had trained myself to love.

Well, like I said I’ve gone from the “don’t see value” category, to the “can’t get it together” category. I see now that what goes on the exterior is one, a reflection of how you feel about yourself, and two, something you do to highlight your features. Now why not do it everyday? limitations put on me by my frenemy time, my darling family, and sometimes resources. The demands of life cause me to cut corners in order to accomplish my goal, and frequently, the time budget gets cut in the beauty department. This category that I’m in now requires coordination in order to reach the “mastered” category. I see people do it everyday, so it is possible. What does the P31 passage say about this?

1) Preparation (verse 15) is key.

2) Physical, mental and spiritual fitness (v17) is the trifecta for have a 10 confidence level in terms of your looks.

3) The outfit (including makeup and hair) (v22 and 24) has to be something of value to you, not just the minimum. Something that others wouldn’t mind wearing themselves.

4) You have to be strong and secure in the skin and clothes that you are in (v25). If you have one without the other, you’ll be lacking. On the days when the exterior just won’t make the cut, you’ve gotta have something on the inside of you that will pull you up to the 10 level regardless of the exterior (v30).

References: Proverbs 31: 15,17,22,24,25,30

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