Late Hate

Background: Tired of being late dropping off and picking up the kids.
Currently in my life, things are rather busy. I’m carefully trying to balance all the wonderful things in my life without allowing them to cause me stress. But my balancing act is similar to a person dancing center stage on Soul Train with no rhythm. It looks awful and everything is offbeat. If you know anything about music, you know it is based on time. Every beat played at the right time, for a certain length of time, in harmony with other notes yielding something beautiful. Well, time and I are producing a hideous sound. And together we look like who done it and why.

Of all the things I wind up being late to, picking up the kids from school is the one I hate the most. My children are at the school for at least 8-9 hours and I’d like for more time to be spent together as a family rather than at school. And then there’s the late fees and the oh so awful reputation for being late. This is not what the P31 does. At the end of the passage it says that many have done excellently, but you (the P31) surpass them all. So in other words, my mangled tango with time doesn’t even qualify me for those who are considered excellent, which means I can’t be excelling. Now, even though I hate picking my kids up late and being dubbed as a person of lateness, what I hate even more is that I can’t be called one who has done excellent things in the sight of my Father.

Time is simply a tool, to be used to our advantage. It can very easily take advantage of us. But as P31 women, we must strive for doing things in excellence. Falling prey to time leads to other things not being done in excellence. If I’m running late picking up the kids and have somewhere else to be, my time to prepare for that next event is limited and I will cut some corners to make up time (ie. neglect my hair, allow someone to wear wrinkled clothes, microwave a meal versus cooking a meal).

Turning a dry heave set to music into a beautiful expression of motion between time and I, is an ever-evolving adventure. In order to make time an asset versus a liability, I must be more consistent with planning and preparation, and some areas require that I have assistance from others. The P31 watches over everything in her household and is not lazy. Lazy is another time relevant word, but honestly, that word doesn’t apply me. In order for us to be good watchwomen over our families, making sure all things are well with them, we must conquer and wield time in order to rise to the level of those who do things excellently and then pass them up!

References: Proverbs 31:29, Proverbs 31:27


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Oh my goodness, you have spoke volumes into my life! I hate being late, but I’m always late….time to make some changes!! I too want to do excellent things in the sight of my Father!

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