Diet vs Exercise

Background: I used my bathroom scale to measure my percentage of body fat. MISTAKE!!

Needless to say, I was not pleased with the body fat reading of my scale (one of my co-workers reassured me that the scale is incorrect).  I have always been a huge advocate for killing yourself at the gym vs participating in a diet of any kind. I love food and I make sure that I eat a variety of it in moderation. Any excess fat I see on my body, I blame on my kids, cause I do everything right when it comes to eating. I may be over exaggerating just a little, but I honestly don’t feel like I’m an out of control eater. I know I’m not. So dieting is never my first choice. If God made it, then I should eat it (key words are God made it, there are a lot of things to eat that were concocted in a lab). Here’s what Proverbs 31 says to me about the diet.

Verse 10 talks about the P31 giving meat to her household and a portion to her maidens. My revelation on this is portion control. If she’s divvying up the meat, there’s no way she can have a double portion. So if you’re struggling with whether to eat that whole supersized meal and that gigantor plate of food they serve at some restaurants, remember your girl in Proverbs 31, share it!

Verse 16 talks about the P31 planting a vineyard. Notice she planted a vineyard, not a cornfield or potato patch. I’m not a gardener but if you’re into that, plant something that will cause life to thrive in your body. Or begin to purchase more things that are fresh vs packaged.

Verse 14 is one of my favorites in this passage. I love ethnic foods. They are packed with flavor and spices and are sometimes more nutritious and are made up of fresh ingredients. This verse talks about the P31 bringing her food from afar. Including a healthy variety of foods is a great way to expand your palate and to get out of the routine of eating the same things, which can sometimes lead to weight gain.

I’m going to go with the P31 diet; share it, get it fresh and variety. Food was meant to be enjoyed as well as nourish our bodies. There are some thorns that I must pull from my side (breads and sweets), and lower their frequency in my diet, but I will not eradicate them. That’s just wrong 😉

References Proverbs 31: 10, 14, 16

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