If it isn’t easy, it must be awesome.

Background: I’m at the gym working with my trainer and these words come out of his mouth. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I told him I was going to write a blog post about this statement.

If it isn’t easy, it must be awesome. The phrase should really say, if it isn’t easy, it must have a an awesome result. Busting my behind at the gym is not awesome, but the summer body that comes out of that hard work, is pretty awesome. Labor and delivery is not awesome, but having a beautiful healthy baby when it’s all over is more than awesome. So the point I’m going to drive home today is to challenge yourself.

Diligence: Sticking with something that isn’t easy will always end in awesomeness. When you are diligent with something, it increases your tolerance and endurance. You gain life experience and strength. Who doesn’t want to be stronger and wiser.

Try something new: This is hard for a lot of people. Go with what you know is how many people live their lives, but that doesn’t yield awesome. It gives you a cookie cutter result. Many of us don’t desire cookie cutter lives. I know I don’t. I want some adventure. And with that desire, I have to step out and do things that aren’t familiar to me, and that’s ok.

Try again: If the new thing doesn’t work, you’ll know how to do try it right the next time and you’ll be wiser. Don’t be afraid to try something again that you may have failed at before. Learn from the failed attempt and try a new path that will give you the same awesome result that you envision.

The P31 is an awesome example of these 3 points. She engaged in some things that some of us are too lazy or “busy” to do. Like getting up early and preparing her staff for the day. When you take the time to educate and properly prepare your family, you save yourself a whole lot of time and decrease mistakes. She went out of the way to prepare meals for her family made with food from afar. Some of us engage in good dietary habits while others are bound by our gluttonous American breaded, fast ,and fried way of eating. Try some new foods and cuisines with your family and incorporate the ones they like. The passage also says she makes sure her dealings, her products are profitable. This takes diligence. Lastly, you must step out and make investments. The passage describes how she considers a field and then buys it. Weigh the pros and cons of investments that are presented to you and chose one that will be most profitable.

The awesome part is the reward. The P31 is praised by her family and the things that she has accomplished speak for her. But none of this will be a reality if you don’t engage in things and relationships that may bring some risk and may not be easy. Trust me, the reward outweighs the uneasiness in the end.

References: Proverbs 31:14-16,18, 27-29, 31

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