The Unshaven Leg

Background: I was perfect 10 today. Banging outfit, hair on point, makeup working and shoes that spoke for themselves. I had been out most of the day only to get in the car and realize I had not shaved my legs. I don’t typically shave my legs often because the hairs don’t show. But today, the hairs were on front street, or at least it felt that way to me.

We all have little things in our lives that if not managed, can mess up some things. For some, its a temper, for others low self esteem, just to give a few examples. I’m referring to those tendencies that we try to keep a lid on so we don’t embarrass ourselves or others.

The part of the P31 passage being highlighted today is really growing on me because it’s not the part of the chapter that actually speaks about the Proverbs 31 woman. It’s a mother (probably a P31 herself), instructing her son. In summary, the mom is telling the son to stay away from alcohol because it will cause him to abort his purpose. The same is true for us. If we allow our unGodly, unrefined tendencies to be exposed, they will take over the show. Some “unrefined tendencies” can be eliminated but others must be managed, just like the hair on my legs.

Managing “unrefined tendencies” is not easy but a necessity. It requires some work and attention to detail. For me, not accepting help is one of many unrefined tendencies that I am managing. I have a plan in my head, I know how I want it executed, but its really too much to be done by one person. But you better believe I’m going to run myself into the ground trying to get it done. But think of all the other things that are neglected or undone because of my reluctance to ask for assistance. And no great thing is accomplished by one person, so why do I fool myself into thinking that I can. I’m after great things, so I have to keep that tendency under wraps.

Being explosive, being lazy, gossiping, lying, sex outside of marriage, not having enough sex inside of marriage, not taking care of our bodies. These are just a few “unrefined tendencies that came to mind, but we are all aware of the ones in our lives, listed here or not. Identifying your tendencies is the first step to managing them. Once they’ve been identified, you must own up to the fact that engaging in those things hinders you and those around you. Taking ownership of your unrefined tendencies gives you the power to control them. When you treat them as something out of your control, then they will control you. People won’t see you, they’ll see your unrefined tendencies, just like my unshaven legs.

So identify your unrefined areas, find a way to manage them so they don’t put on show when you least expect it.

References: Proverbs 31: 4-9

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