Background: Having conversations today with a few close people and this word keeps coming up.

Thrust has many meanings. The meaning I’m referring to is the essence or the point. What is your thrust, what is your essence. What direction are you going, what purpose are you trying to fulfill? Some people might even call it your core. What is that thing that births or drives all other things in your life? Is your essence something that breeds life or something that breeds death? Do you let scarring situations in your past dictate your directions and actions or even  worse, is your essence simply a copy of someone else’s?

I don’t believe the P31 story was documented to say we should all be women that are seamstresses that enjoy exotic foods, gardening and fine clothing with a husband that’s seated among respected people. When you read about her, what are the common themes, what was her thrust or thrusts? Was it business? Was it leadership? Was it philanthropy? It’s obvious that her thrust was not music or writing. There’s no mention of her being an outstanding caregiver or politician. But we do see is a lot about fabrics and sewing, garments and belts. We read about purchasing, selling, buying.

All this to ask you a question. What is your thrust? What is your essence? At different stages of our lives, I’m confident that our essence may manifest in more than one way and at different times may be expressed differently in order for us to maintain our course. But imagine a person that doesn’t recognize their thrust, their essence, their core. That person isn’t able to build upon anything. They have no reputation for anything of value. They don’t even have any actions that you can trace back to a thrust, like those listed in the P31 passage. Nothing for another to gleam from.

Just as I ask you, I ask myself. I looked at the trail I’ve made for others to track down my essence. If you know me, you know I am a musician, and if you’re reading this, you know I am a writer. If you keep watching me, I’m going to blow you away with some other things I have coming down the pike. But is that all? No. I thrive off of organization and planning but have an artist side as well. It is so essential to know this about yourself. If you have no thrust, you have no passion in life and no drive to do anything beyond your capabilities. I find this to be the excitement of life. Knowing what your essence is and constantly pushing it to different heights, stretching yourself to accomplish things that seemed impossible.

I don’t know about you but I want to make the impossible possible. I know that will never happen in the areas where I have no thrust. So I must focus and strengthen my core so that I will impact the world around me.

References: Proverbs 31:10-31

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You bring glory and honor to God when you exercise your core gifts and talents. He gave them to you for that reason.

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