You’re driving slow

Background: I’m driving to work and there’s this yellow mustang in front of me driving slow. Now I know we must obey the speed limits but with that kind of car, you should at least be at the limit.
In my opinion, Mustangs, Corvettes, Cameros, any other type of car made to go fast with a pretty body, shouldn’t be driving below the speed limit. That engine under the hood was made for power and speed. You should always be pushing the limits. The same goes for P31s. We’ve got something different under our hoods, so we should be pushing the limits of possibility in our lives.
Some things that might make a car run slower is lack of maintenance, malfunctioning or broken parts, dirt, user error, etc (my lack of knowledge in this area is showing, hence this short list).Similarly, some things that might cause us to run below our capacity are mistakes that we haven’t forgiven ourselves for, low self esteem, succumbing to bad situations, fear, and past failures. This is probably a short list as well of things that cause us not to rev our engines. And by revving our engines, I mean performing at our max potential. We all have dreams, desires, short and long term goals, as well as routine responsibilities that demand superior performance. In no way am I suggesting that you must be a machine. I’m simply comparing the unique engineering of a sports car to the unique engineering of a P31.
When we look at the P31, we see a woman with many hats and overwhelming success. We must remember that the description of the P31 is more than likely not a snapshot of her at one period of time but a summary of her over a period of time. I would definitely categorize her as a high performance woman. She didn’t let her talents go waste. How many of us are existing, driving slow, underperforming, in life. We have talents, wisdom, and knowledge that make us high performers, but we use them very little or not at all. We’re just like that yellow Mustang creeping along, when we should be gunning it, pedal to the metal. There are times when it is necessary to slow down and even stop. There are times when maintenance must be performed and times when we have to park. There are times where you are still flexing your muscle, but you have to operate in a different gear.
We must never forget that we were built for high power performance, not to mention we are easy on the eyes with our curvy, sleek design and array of colors and models. Once again I’m not saying we act like machines, but that we use every bit of what we have under our hoods to push and even surpass the limits around us. We’ve all been designed with certain features that make us great, and we must take advantage of every opportunity to display those features. Sports cars are not your run of the mill, family sized sedan. They are made to look at, to hear, to covet. Those that own them probably get an emotional experience every time they test that vehicle’s potential. We should experience that as well. The rush of satisfaction knowing you’re the best at what you do and getting the gratification you rightfully deserve. That is verse 31,‘Give her everything she deserves! Festoon her life with praises!’. Go ahead, rev up your engine and push the limits of you, there is a lot of engine under your hood, a lot features in your cabin, put them to the test.
References: Proverbs 31:10-31

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