Women Need Toilet Paper

Background: Public restroom. No toilet paper. That is all.
Toilet paper is essential to the existence of a woman. Men need it too, but we doubly need it. There are plenty of other things women need as well. Love, friends, shoes. Let’s look to the P31 and see what can be learned about what a woman needs. These are not listed in order of importance 🙂

Clothes: The P31 had taste, class and style. She chose the finest fabrics of linen and scarlet. She not only clothes herself in these but also her family. And since she was businesswoman, she created sashes and sold them to the merchants. She essentially had her own fashion line. This is probably a gross over exaggeration, but flow with me.

Love: This passage speaks of the relationship between the P31 and her husband more than any other relationship. Women were made to give, built to receive and what better way to do both than with your hubby. It’s obvious the P31 was showing this brother some love, intellectually, physically and spiritually because he praises her and trusts her. Love is also displayed with her children, her employees, and those in need. And most important, she gives and receives love from the author of love, father God.

Resources: In order to fund all her pursuits and daily tasks, the P31 had businesses. She doesn’t drain her husband’s pockets in order to fulfil her wants. She gets out there are sells some things so she can give, wear linen and scarlet treat her family to different cuisines. Another resource is time. The P31 had employees. She wisely delegated the duties for the day in order to maximize her time and profit. I don’t have any employees and my boys are prohibited by law to do labor for financial gain, so at this point I call in volunteers when needed and eliminate unpurposeful tasks in order to maximize my time.

Friends and teachers: This passage is not only a description of a good woman but also of a good friend. Women need good friends. Someone that can inspire you, correct you, and teach you things you do not know. We also need teachers. Being a wife is not intuitive, neither is being a mom or someone’s boss. The people we love and serve are too precious to be feeling our way around in the dark with things concerning them. Seeking wise, experienced counsel will get us closer to excelling all other women.

Recognition: A woman who is given deserving attention is a woman who is flourishing. When we are not acknowledged, complimented or praised, our spirit can become broken, no matter how tough we are. We need the acceptance and positive interaction from those around us. By acknowledging a woman, she knows that her efforts are beneficial to those around her and that her presence is needed. Like I stated before, we were made to give, and knowing that we are making a difference is equally as important as 2 or 3 ply toilet paper. Just kidding it’s way more important than that.

References: Proverbs 31:11-16,18-24,26,28-31

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