You Win

We have the pleasure of parenting a type A, strong willed child. Confrontation comes easy to them. And confrontation at 6:30 in the morning is never the best way to start the day. This morning, this kid is trying to start some drama over the outfit for the day. He has not shown the skills necessary to pick things out himself, but I know from previous confrontations what not to pick. Don’t get me wrong, he can dress himself, he would just wear athletic pants and his socks from the prior day, everyday, all in red, looking like an M&M.

After dodging the first attempt to fall into confrontation, I run into another attempt. I want to stand my ground and put my foot down but I have to evaluate whether its worth the fight. After careful consideration, I concede. “You Win” (this is a mental “You Win”, I’d never say this out loud, he might think he’s actually winning). I let him win, because I’m not jeopardizing the rest of the day with him being bent out of shape. So overall, I win! I win a tear free, quiet morning, I win a day free of calls from the school, I win peace.

If you are like me and have jr player on your team that’s hot headed, doesn’t share the ball, and seeks all the glory, be encouraged, it gets better, at least that’s what someone told me, we’re still walking this out ourselves.

Keep your head up


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In my book, I spoke of experiences I had with a “grown” Type “A”. You can win! Be consistent and loving…

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