Background: I get into my vehicle.  As I drive to the school to get the kids, I change into my gym clothes. I pick up the kids, have one kid change his clothes as we drive to the gym. We step out of the car in totally different outfits with a new agenda on our minds. Reminds me of Superman and his telephone booth.

Many moms use their cars in ways they were not intended. Drag racing, dressing room, bathroom, dinner table, trash compactor, moving van, mini bus, limo service, and quiet room just to name a few. Our cars are like the Batmobile. They’re equipped with so much stuff, no unforeseen situation can take us out because we have the tools to combat it. Somebody pees on themselves, no problem, you may have to go without underwear, but after we clean you up with these baby wipes you can put on your brother’s pants that he left in the car 2 days ago. Somebody’s hungry, no problem, I bought this box of Rice Krispy Treats just for this occasion. Forgot to bring something for show and tell, let’s fix that, I’m sure we can dig under the seats or pop the trunk and find something of interest. The first windshield wipers were made by a woman. I bet her prototype was made of something she found on the floor of the car or in the backseat.

Back in the 1900s when women began working outside of the home, cars gave us opportunities beyond the borders of our houses. Now our vehicles are our mobile offices, the sun visor might as well be a file cabinet. The cigarette lighter needs a powerstrip to charge the phone, DS, bottle warmer and DVD player. We set up appointments, confirm deals, straighten out stuff from work, all from our vehicles. They say business deals happen on the golf course, but for on the go women, I’m sure most deals are made in the car. We write our daily task list as we sit at a light. We scarf down the remainder of breakfast before we hit the j-o-b. In the evenings we may have to have dinner in the car as we go from meeting to event. There are snacks in the back to pass out to the team after sporting practice.

Even in the time of the Proverbs 31 women, there is association between her and a vehicle. Now it doesn’t say she operated the vehicle or that she worked in it like we do, but here’s what it says in verse 14, ‘ She is like the merchant ships loaded with foodstuffs; she brings her household’s food from a far [country]’. Vehicle, loaded, food. That sounds like my car. Very far stretch for biblical application in this post, but I tried. Our cars are an extension of us. They don’t get the credit or honor that they deserve for being such awesome tools for us to use daily. I salute my Dodge Journey, through our good and bad times. Thank you for always starting and for your safety features that we use minimally. Thank you for sticking with me through ice, snow and torrential rains and hurricane force winds. Thank you for not allowing yourself to stain or smell bad from all the foods my children have spilt on you. Here’s to many more rides for many more years mi amigo.

More like a mention rather than a reference: Proverbs 31:14

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