4 Minute Hair

Time check. If I leave in 5 minutes, I can get everyone where they need to be on time. But I haven’t done my hair! The boys are easy. Their hair can be done in 60 seconds or less and if they’ve recently had a haircut, their hair may not need any attention. But a grown woman should not go out without her hair done unless there is a hat or wig covering it. Now everyone has their beliefs on what “done” is, and I won’t mess with that. I may see your “done” as a little underdone, but I won’t dare judge. Maybe you lost a contact this morning and it looked right in your 20/100 sight.

What can be done in 4 minutes?! There’s no time to heat up a curling iron (which I haven’t done in months, but that would have been my first line of defense). I really don’t have time to stand in the mirror and play around with different styles. And a hat is not allowed at work and I don’t own a  wig, well at least not one for purposes outside of the bedroom.

Today requires a snatchback.

Snatchback: A black girl’s hair when it’s pulled back into a rushed ponytail.

No choice. Have to pull off the snatchback. It may be rushed, but as long as its neat, the 4 minute hair will be a success. And this is the big idea for the day. Even if your situation is less than ideal, rushed and not as put together as you would like, it can still be a success. A bad morning doesn’t have to lead to a bad day. A small stain doesn’t ruin your child’s outfit. A disagreement with a spouse shouldn’t lead to a standoff. Perfection is something that rarely happens in the world, and its our imperfections that make us unique.

Your 4 minute hair may not be a rushed ponytail, but however it comes out, rock it with confidence. Tomorrow may allow 6, 8 or even 15 minutes for hair. Happy Monday.

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Lol, love that. Happy Monday, and today was the quick fluff it out, I’m kind of thankful the baby doesn’t have as much hair as her sister. Your styles always are on point, so your 4 minutes is fab.

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