The Cause

The after hours are supposed to be all about me right? In a wonderful, fantastical dream maybe. If we’re not picking up extra hours, finishing up 5 to 9 tasks or volunteering, there’s something we’re using our after hours to accomplish. But ultimately everything we engage in is for The Cause.

The Cause consists of things we do to improve ourselves or the people in our families, in order to increase the quality of life for ourselves and our families. In some cases we’re going back to school and doing homework during the after hours, with the goal of making a better living or a bigger impact in our careers. Some put in hours volunteering for specific entities, raising awareness or improving the lives of others, which sets an excellent example for our children of how to give to of ourselves to help others.

It’s my belief that one of the biggest things that keeps a family together is a Cause or goal. If we are all working toward something, achieving something together, we’re more likely to stick it out together because the end goal is meaningful to all involved. The Cause can’t become a shift in itself, you must maintain balance to keep the team healthy. But with everyone playing their part, it makes the after hours pursuit for the Cause that much sweeter.

Go Get It!!


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