Homework. Yay!

Monday I showcased my strong willed child. Today, it will be my child that is slightly less strong willed, yet polar opposite to his sibling. Our afternoon routine involves dropping belongings off in our cubbies and commencing homework. This particular child gets excited about the homework and willing does it. Who could ask  for a better situation in the afternoon/evening when you already have a handful of things defying you.

Families are like homework. It involves necessary practice of things that are not always pleasurable, but once you’ve mastered the task, you’re ready to build upon it in the classroom of life. Adopt the attitude of my homework-loving son when it comes to family. Is it overwhelming at times. Yes. Does life hand us too much home work. Sometimes. Will you be better, wiser and whole by practicing at having a good, productive family. Most definitely.

The strengths of your players may not always shine, but when they do, celebrate with them. Yay home work!

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