Aww. Thank you. You should have.

I have successfully entered the after hours without any carry over from the PM 5 to 9 shift. I’m settling in to use my after hours as I please and from out of “no where” comes my favorite chocolates from my hubby. This definitely has made the after hours that much more sweet. I thanked him several times, with exotic flavored caramel hanging off my chin and coating my fingers. You know how people portray this false humility when they receive a gift by saying, “Oh you shouldn’t have”? Totally not my sentiments.

You definitely should have bought me those chocolates, dear husband of mine. For more reasons than can be named. And those chocolates did not come from “no where”. There was a trigger that lead to the giving of those chocolates and it was a trigger that I pulled. Ladies, men believe that providing for their families brings us as much joy as it brings them. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having my home with all the utilities working and food in my fridge. But women need gifting above the basic provision. And ladies, our loving husbands need a little help sometimes in order for the gifting to occur.

So what trigger did I pull to get those ooey gooey chocolates? I’ll have to save that for another post. Every man’s triggers are different, but there are some that are common. Figure out which trigger works in your home and get you some chocolates Girl!

This post was approved by my husband 🙂


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