Pour one for my homies

This libation goes out to my fellow 5 to 9 drivers. While driving during my PM shift, I pass an accident that has a portion of the highway shutdown. I have no information on those involved, but the sight of a mangled car is never encouraging.

We get so rushed and careless that we become a hazard to those around us on the road. We are hurrying to the next location, multitasking behind the wheel, or even fighting sleep. The goal of each shift is to grow and develop our families but yet we endanger them everyday by not practicing safe habits behind the wheel. I am guilty of all kinds of safety violations behind the wheel ( none of which involve alcohol or drugs), with multitasking as one of the biggest offenses.

Let’s make a practice of being focused drivers, cautious of our time, considerate of those around us. Let’s arrive alive, I don’t want to pour my coffee on the ground in honor your life.


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