Cereal Can Make You Live Longer

So I came across this headline in a tabloid magazine (source of all things true, coming in second to the internet). We all want to live longer, so I take the time to explore this proclamation. Being in the healthcare industry, I know some of the claims that will be used to justify this statement before I even lay eyes on the article. And I’m not surprised to see the same old info about whole grains, heart healthy, lowering cholesterol, etc. I was honestly hoping for Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch to be my ticket to the fountain of youth, but I was disappointed. Sugar and the term ‘live longer’ apparently are antagonistic.

Although the right food choices can extend our days here on earth, there are other things that prolong our lives as well. Healthy relationships. We all have experienced the stress of an unhealthy or strained relationship. It affects every fiber of your being. Those friendships that we love but are toxic for us because the other party is reckless and dangerous. The human experience can not exist without interaction with other humans, and likewise the family experience can not be fully tapped into without healthy connections with one another.

In a fairytale, all families would get along and have no qualms with each other. There would be perpetual peace. But since we don’t live in a fairytale where there is perpetual peace or Lucky Charms that will make us live for ever, we should strive to make our relationships better so that our human and family experiences will be sweeter and longer.

Happy Monday!


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