Brusheth Thy Teeth

toothbrush-152686_1280I head out of my bathroom with the baby on my hip when it dawns on me I haven’t brushed my teeth. Irritated that I have to do this, I grab the toothbrush, run it under the water and commence to quickly scrubbing as many teeth as I could in the 3 secs I chose to spend on this task. Now, don’t throw stones at me, I typically engage in very good oral care. My dentist raves about my teeth at every visit. But at this moment, 5 to 9 commandment  #3 has to take a back seat to our friend Father Time.

The AM shift at Robertson and Co. is highly unique. The same can probably be said for your  headquarters. It’s filled with side projects, naughty hair, spelling word reviews, kisses and tears, just to name a few. Sometimes things don’t receive the adequate attention they need, and truth be told, this is a hard and fast rule at any 5 to 9. They key is to make sure there is balance with your pitfalls. They will happen, just make sure they don’t all occur in the same areas every day. Which leads us back to brushing teeth. If you consistently disobey 5 to 9 commandment #3 – Brusheth thy teeth, your gums and teeth shall surely die. Yuck mouths aren’t attractive.

Happy Monday!


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Lol! Thanks for the morning pick- me- up laugh! Much needed chuckle after my own dressing fashion vs. Function scramble with my 9 yr old :-D.

I’m lucky to brush and remember once I start sipping my coffee, and the bitter taste reminds me. However, I can say I do brush twice a day, everyday. Well put Florencia.

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