Background: I was perusing through my Facebook news feed and discovered that someone close to my age had passed away. I began to wonder if that person had fulfilled their purpose in life. I didn’t know them intimately enough to be impacted by their life, but I could l see through their children and lasting marriage that they had done a good job. This made me wonder. What if we knew the length of time we had on this earth and we also knew what our maximum potential was?

As Believers in the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and the B-I-B-L-E, we know that God always has the best in store for us and that we can do all things through Christ. The Bible even tells us that we’ll do greater things than Christ. Sometimes the day to day grind can blind us from the overall picture that is being painted with our lives. We take for granted the big and small opportunities to pour into someone’s life. I’ve said this before, but it never gets old, I want to die empty.

If it’s possible for me to do while I’m still breathing, I want to do it. Even if I’m afraid. Godly fear is the only type of fear I’m embracing. What a reward it will be to see all the lives I touched, even of people I may have never met, simply by striving to live up to my fullest potential. I remember the days I would pray over and over, “God what is my purpose?” A majority of us have probably read the Purpose Driven Life. If you’re like me, you’ve read it more than once. It’s something that we all desire to know, thinking it will automatically put us on the path to success.

Well, unfortunately, I believe our individual purposes cannot be summed up in one sentence or description. It’s an accumulation of experiences, education and love for God. Even the richest people on earth that give to charities and promote change in the earth, could still stand before God and not have reached their maximal potential. We must use our education (school and street), our experiences and most importantly God, in order to walk the path to maximal potential. If we don’t have a good mix of them all, chances are the path that we are on, may lead to success but not our maximal potential.

We can get a glimpse of the things we can accomplish through prayer, but only He knows the maximal potential. He can’t give us all the whole story, we wouldn’t know what to do with the information. We definitely wouldn’t go back to God and ask for His help if we knew where we were going. We’d find a way to get to our potential, not mindful of those around us, when our potential is directly linked to those around us. Or some of us would run as far away from our maximal potential as we possibly could.

If I truly trust God, I really don’t need to be concerned about reaching my max potential. As long as I’m honoring Him with all that I am and all that I have, and being obedient to His leading and His word, he’ll put me on the path to maximal potential. It may be a short path, or a long path, but the end result will be what He desires, if I let Him lead me to maximal potential.

References: No direct references today, the majority of the chapter relates to today’s post.

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