There’s always one

Background: I’m eating seedless grapes, and low and behold, I come across one with seeds in it. There’s always one that has to break the mold.

I’m going to get  straight to the point. Don’t be ashamed to be “the one”. In this time period of history, science has come a long way. Food can be and has been manipulated, spliced, hybridized, mutated and  altered to be whatever the scientist desires it to be. Most times these modifications are made to increase convenience and decrease cost. But we all know that in order for something to grow, there must be dirt, sunlight, water and a seed. If we are producing food that has no seed, if we were to no longer exist, how would that fruit continue to grow and reproduce long after we are gone?

There must be one. One that survives the splicing, dicing, and manipulation of life to go on to be the seed from which a whole new batch is produced. Words of wisdom given to sons, examples set before daughters, these are the seeds we sow and water with the intent of yielding young men and women that will continue in The Way that we have taught them. A woman that excels all other women is not easy to find. She’s like the seeded grape among a bunch of seedless grapes.

The P31 does so much, and does it all well with proper balance. She’s not a busybody, she’s purposeful in all of her deeds, pushing her family and those around her higher and higher. It takes effort to be “the one”, requiring that we do things that others may not see or appreciate. Those that are “the one” tend to be misunderstood, sometimes disliked. But we must be strong and resist the influence to conform. Excelling “all” women means that we won’t be in the same category with all other women. Kind of like a diamond in the midst of Swarovski crystals.

Being “the one” in the bunch that is different or that goes against the grain is a good thing if you have the capacity to influence others to do things that are right and just according to the word of God. Being confident about being “the one” can be tough, you will have opposition at times because the things you do are not always valued or understood. But here is where God comes in. The P31 fears God, or in other words, reverently respects and honors God. She does things that strengthens her love for God which in turn strengthens her to be true to who she is and confident in what she does. It’s not always comfortable or convenient to be “the one”, but if no one else has seeds but us, we are the only hope for reproducing seed-bearing offspring that will continue in The Way.

References: Proverbs chapter 31.

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