Blessings Management

Background: So my last post was loving on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Today, I’m a little overwhelmed with all the blessings. Just like there are teachings on wealth management, there should be teachings on blessings management. Cause right now, I’m trying to wrap my mind around how to manage them all.

We have several major things going on in our household, all phenomenal opportunities that have the potential for even greater opportunities. We’re pretty excited, but also exhausted, mentally and physically. Over the last few weeks I’ve heard it said that, ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it’, or, ‘God gives assignments to people whose plates are already full’. This bothered me at first because I know what it’s like to be busy and want a break, but you can’t take one because you’re being pulled in 5 different directions.

But as I let this premise sink in, I found there is a lot of truth to it. People that are busy are putting forth an effort to complete a task. They are reliable people, with a good track record of getting things done. I even tell my sons, “Help is for people who are doing something”. In other words, don’t ask me for help when you haven’t attempted to find a solution to your problem, that’s called a handout. I don’t give those. So here I am, blessed almost to overflow, and I’m trying to divide my brain power, time and energy to manage them all. I realize how much of an honor it is to be in this position. God gives seed to sowers and I must have a track record for producing something in order for Him to lay such blessings into my care.

Now, looking to the P31, how does she manage it all? The husband, the businesses, the household? You’re going to love this. She keeps moving. Verse 27 says she does not eat the bread of idleness. I would have gotten excited if the passage spoke of a monthly vacation or a 4 day work week. But it simply says, she suffers nothing from laziness. God will not give you more than you can bear, even blessings. If you’re method is stopping to process and micromanage a blessing, God sees this as your limit, you can not handle more. I don’t want God to catch me being idle, especially if it means I’ll miss out on a blessing because I cannot be trusted with more.

The P31 did not seem to be involved in things that were not included in her purpose. No time robbers were permitted. She delegated tasks and used her time wisely. There is a delicate balance between all of these things that must be achieved in order to manage an abundance of blessings, but with God anything is possible. Although the vacation is not mentioned, I do believe appropriate rest had to be a part of the P31’s time management. We all know what a worn out, sleep deprived woman looks like. If you’ve had a baby or been close to someone who has, you’ve witnessed/experienced the exhaustion that eventually leaves you useless. The P31 was never described as this, so she more than likely got appropriate rest.

Keep moving, ignore time robbers, delegate, and balance. These are key to managing all of the wonderful opportunities God gives to us. Implementing these things can help us flourish in our blessings rather than crumble under the majestic weight of them.

References: Proverbs 31:27,15

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