The love that brings you to your knees

Background: Have you ever had a day where things just couldn’t possibly get any better and then something happens to make that day the best day ever? The overwhelming joy of that day is enough to bring you to tears, make you jump and shout, or just collapse under the overwhelming greatness. This is how I feel about God.

He’s like a boyfriend that won’t stop showering you with gifts until you say yes to his proposal and you finally say ok because you can now see that he will spare no expense to have you. I get chills just typing that! But this is how God is toward us. He protects, provides, creates paths that didn’t exist so that we can go higher. He gives and gives and gives some more. He forgives. We find encouragement in Him. He grants access to things others can’t touch. He heals, He delivers, He gives us a competitive edge, He never fails us, He never leaves us, He loves us. Oh how He loves us.

I’ve had the privilege of having those moments, where you are so overwhelmed by His love that you give in to worship. You give Him what He wants, and its simply glory. The extent of His love is so deep, you can’t even find the words to reciprocate your love for Him. His love transcends our vocabulary and it’s frustrating that you can’t even quantify it. It touches the deepest parts of us to the point we’re made whole in one single worship rendezvous. It amazes me how He truly created us to worship Him and how fulfilling it is to both He and us. Wow, is all I can say.

Verse 29 and 30 sum it all up. He causes excellence and praise to be her reward. He gives her witty ideas, a successful husband that trusts her/loves her, children that honor her, employees, clients, food to prepare, abundance in order to share, strength, wisdom and class. What is there not love about Him. He withholds no good thing. Even in our times of struggle His love sustains our broken hearts and supports our lives. This life is not a walk in the park for any of us and unfortunately every day cannot be the best day ever. But His love is consistent through it all, even when its hard to feel. Even when you cry and can’t see an end to your trouble, your pain, your hell, He is crafting victory for you if your faith in Him doesn’t fail.

I love God, the things He shares with me simply floors me. Actually seeing them come to fruition, floors me again. I love Him, He just overwhelms me. My prayer is that His love will overwhelm you to the point where you just can’t take it anymore, you can’t stop yourself from worshipping Him. That’s what He desires in return for His unending, unfailing love. True worship.

References: Proverbs 31: 29-30

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