Diesel or unleaded

Background: As I savor the last few drops of my Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks, I’m inspired to write about fuel. Starbucks never fails me if I want to pull an all-nighter. It fills up my tank so I can go the extra hours.

Regardless of whether you fill up your car with diesel or unleaded fuel, it all comes from the same place. Oil is refined and made into several different types of products, each with their own purpose. I’m going to generalize here, forgive me in advance. Most women know very little about cars outside of driving them. We stand at the pump with no clue as to what grade of gasoline our car requires. We’ve been putting the cheapest gas in the tank when the owners manual clearly states to use mid grade. And who puts that high grade stuff in their car anyway? Well, it does make a difference. I can’t elaborate on what the difference is so let’s move on to our parallel.

Women need fuel, just like cars need fuel. The basics like food, sleep, and sex are a no-brainer. The fuel I want to talk about is God. Just as oil is refined into several different products with different purposes, God has given us his Son, Spirit and Word to keep our motors running. Unlike a car, our tank needs all 3 of these, and the blend of the 3 is unique for each us. We are all built different, we process the world around us differently and we all have different family dynamics. So each of us has a special, unique blend of God’s fuel to accomplish His will.

Many women solely use alternative fuels (no disrespect to alternative fuels used in cars, they are good). They use all kinds of materials, substances, and mindsets to get through the day. I’m guilty of it (oh how good that salted caramel mocha is to me). After running consistently on alternative fuels, we do not perform as well as we should. We are more likely to breakdown and we are not as safe and reliable as we should be.

We pump God’s fuel into our lives by praying, studying His word and listening to the Holy Spirit. If you’re feeling a little run down, you’re probably having a problem with fuel efficiency. Check yourself to make sure you are taking in your premium blend daily, and I’m not talking coffee. This is really the only way we can physically, mentally and spiritually manage being excellent. Alternative fuels are ok in moderation, but are not suitable for consistent long term use. Side effects could include: malfunction of vital organs, arguments over stupid stuff, delusions, headache, changes in temperament, lack of focus, forgetfulness, deviation from the will of God, poor judgment, emotional duress, lack of peace and dry mouth.

Most of these things occur with or without our premium blend, but I’m sure the incidence of them and other things increase when we don’t partake in God’s fuel.

References: Proverbs 31:3-7, 29,30

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