Background: Everyone’s path to greatness is not the same so don’t apologize for how your path is charted.


Making a tough decision has so many implications. Even if its a decision that you think will only affect you. Something as simple as coloring your hair or wearing an outfit you generally wouldn’t wear can have major effects. If you are single, those kind of changes can land you a husband. Our reasons for making the decisions we make are not always easy to see on the outside, but we are very sure of them on the inside. Even if they are wrong. But even more so when they are right.

The first 9 verses of Proverbs 31 speak very clearly about decisions. A mother is explaining to her son that the decisions he makes affects the lives of others. Hanging with the wrong people, using mind altering substances, all personal choices with the ability to impact everyone. This particular person was a king. His path to greatness was already set. He probably did not have to plan for it, it was his when he was born. I believe where God wants us to end up is known from the beginning because everything he creates has a purpose. But the path is something that we have control over. There are some portions of our path that we may not have control over, but it does not keep us from the end result.

When we know the direction we are to go, it may not be visible to everyone, which means they will not understand why you make the choices you do. But you cannot be moved by their lack of understanding and you must not be apologetic for the path you must take. The path some of us take is very different from the paths taken by our loved ones and those who came before us. This makes decision making tough. When our choices differ from those made by others, they can come across as hurtful, mostly because they are not understood. But as we walk the path and the direction becomes clear to others, the effects of not understanding will begin to disappear.

There may be times where your path may part from friends or things that are familiar, but always hold on to the fact that the end of a thing is greater than the beginning. And the course of your path may take turns that focus time and resources on the future that cannot be seen by everyone. But your God who leads you will be with you.

References: Proverbs 31: 1-9


I need to take a paragraph to give my disclaimer. The paths I refer to are ones that do not violate the word of God. So if the path you have chosen has nothing to do with pleasing God, only pleasing yourself, I am not referring to you in this blog post. And if you make decisions that are knowingly hurtful to others while on your “path”, you too are not who I am referring to in this post.

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