Background: Sitting on the floor in my living room, feeling like a slug, the little one claims he is done with his dinner. The older one states the little one is not done. Since I’m being sluggish, I tell the older one to bring the plate to the entrance of the kitchen so I can see with my own eyes whether or not he is done. The older one brings the plate to the entrance of the kitchen and drops the unfinished pizza on our off white carpet. Now I’m motivated by anger to get off the floor.Things like this happen when we become lazy. And sometimes its not laziness, just shear fatigue or exhaustion. Today’s P31 motivational scripture:

Proverbs 31:17 (NLT) She is energetic and strong, a hard worker.

Now we have that hard worker part down! We work hard and maintain our households, but sometimes we do it with no energy. We start letting the 2 year old pour a gallon of milk on his own cereal, we expect our husbands to take a rain check, we wear a hat vs pulling out the curling iron. We just start slipping in all areas. And where there is slippage something is bound to fall.

One of our class instructors at the gym is always telling us, “Your body can do more than you think it can”, as you lay curled over on the floor with muscles that have quit or gone into full spasm. But there is truth to it. We can always do more than we think we can, and our families generally push us to our limits. But how do you maintain the energy? When proper sleep, multivitamins, exercise and proper diet fail, where does the energy come from? As with any device that does not run on batteries, we have to tap into an external power source.

Proverbs 31:30 talks about the woman that fears the Lord. In order to revere or honor God, you have to know him, study him, commune with him through prayer and worship. When we have used every cell in our body and find ourselves dragging throughout our days we have to plug into our source, Father God. Prayer is essential to anyone who is a believer and worship has a way of changing not only your countenance but our outlook on current events in our lives. It can be difficult to break away and get that sweet hour of prayer, but it is so necessary. And I’m preaching to myself here. You may not be able to get a consecutive 60 minutes, break it up. Six 10 minute power sessions with the Father, four 15 minute worship experiences, two 30 minute rendezvous’s to simply listen to what God has to say.

However you mix it up, this is a guaranteed way to boost your energy. How could it not be, God is charged with infinite power and makes all good things available to to us. Even energy.

References: Proverbs 30:17 and 30

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