Exercise vs Diet

Background: Please read diet vs exercise, the background is the same.

I talked about diet, so now I talk about exercise. So after my encounter with my bathroom scale, I decided to try the exercise instead of changing my diet. I went to the gym 4x that week. It hurts so good!

The Proverbs 31 passage implies a lot about the physical fitness of the P31. It talks about how she works diligently with her hands, she gets down and dirty in the garden, her hands are busy threading and her fingers busy twisting, and she’s not lazy. The most important scripture is verse 17 (NIV) “She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.” This is powerful. We all know how demanding caring for a family can be, but when we are not strong enough to complete our tasks, problems are on the horizon. Cleaning, cooking, running kids from this practice to that lesson requires some stamina and strength. But more importantly, our hot mama duties require strength and stamina as well. The passage talks about how this dude was bragging on his wife among his friends and how he lacks nothing because he has her. Nothing!

Exercise is a necessary evil. It doesn’t just impact your weight, it impacts your mood, your self esteem, and your bodily functions. Although women were not created with the same muscle proportions as men, we have been created with tenacity to carry the mighty title of “helper”. And it requires that we be strong. I have 2 boys and they sometimes forget I’m not one of them, so I occasionally have to wrestle. And since they are still small and we have a busy household, sometimes I have to carry all the grocery bags or pick up a sleeping kid and carry him up a flight of stairs to his bed. And back to the hot mama duties. If we’re sluggish in our day to day duties, you best believe we’ll be sluggish in that area too. Remember the powerful mandate of being excellent and excelling all other women. That man has to brag about you, and they most likely will brag based on your cooking and the fulfillment of your hot mama duties (don’t quote me on this one, everyone is different).

Try honoring God more than you do your flesh (the part of you that has no interest in Godly things or anything that requires work). Increase your physical activity with a goal in mind. If there’s no obtainable goal, you’re more likely to quit. Whether it’s to increase your stamina, increase your self image, or to lose weight or body fat, make a goal and work towards it.

References: Proverbs 31: 13, 16, 17, 19 and 27

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