The image transformation

Background: I’m currently in the midst of an image transformation. Quite an experience, worthy of a blog.

Here’s a truth about me. I never liked the color pink because it was too girly. I never truly embraced the girly girl within. My local support system has been pressuring me to explore this suppressed side of myself. A key to even embarking on a successful image transformation is the ability to receive and implement constructive criticism. And there’s a difference between insults and constructive criticism, I pray you can tell the difference. I’d have to say the transformation began about 5 years ago. It could have happened faster but I’m stubborn, let’s just be honest. My image transformation has occurred just how any image transformation should, from the inside out.

Who can find a woman of worth? I believe we all have worth but we advertise ourselves on clearance vs full price. Something beautiful could be cheap and worthless while something unappealing to the eye can be priceless, and vice versa. The P31 donns linen and purple gowns but her undergarments consist of strength and honor. This hits me right in between the eyes because the two are meant to be together, just a like a push up bra and sagging breasts. The strength and honor within this woman give her the confidence and the desire to rock fine apparel. She is secure in who she is because she communes with her Father, who tells her who she is. I can not stress enough the importance of good Bible teaching, Godly friends and communion with the Father through prayer. I wasn’t bad off, but I wasn’t refined. And my lack of inward refinement showed on the outside.

The end of the passage talks about how beauty is fleeting and how charm (you know, the womanly charm, batting the eyes, etc in order to get your way) is false. This is what you get when the outside is dressed up but the inside is underdeveloped. Eventually the makeup and trendy clothing will not be able to hide the fact that you have no strength or honor. The frumpy looking chick with all the pride in her strength and the drop dead gorgeous bombshell crumbling on the inside are both lacking. The P31 wears the gowns but also donns strength, there must be mix between the two in order to display one’s full worth. I’m learning this first hand.

I’ve used all kinds of excuses to justify skipping the linen and purple. Now that I’ve been educated with the Word of God and refined with help from above and from friends that love me, I’m starting to move my self out of the clearance section and back to the new arrivals.

References Proverbs 31:10, 22, 25, 26, 30

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