Breaking point

Background: These are words coming straight from my heart in a time of overwhelming responsibility. I won’t faint.

I need the finish line to this leg of the race to be around this next bend. I can’t quit and I’m too strong to die, but it’s hard to keep going when there’s no end in sight. There’s a wall that athletes hit when their bodies have given all they can give. There’s a second wind that some speak of that carries them to the end. Well, this leg of the race has proven to be much more challenging than I could have envisioned and all the conditioning and training I’ve endured is borderline insufficient. See I’ve hit that wall at least 3 times, thought the second, third and fourth wind would get me to the finish line only to find the finish line was still out of sight. It amazes me how you’ve created us, all it takes is the remembrance of your words, and the condition of our mind; the pattern of our thoughts can change and we can pull through. The fumes we are running on turn to fuel and the disparity that creeps upon us is replaced with peace.  The race isn’t given given to the swift or the strong, but to those who endure. If you’re like me and you continue to give and serve even when there’s nothing left inside of you, I mean nothing! Know that those are the times when you operate supernaturally, because the holy spirit is working through you so that the needs of those under your care are still being met. Count it all joy that God frequently uses you and trust that he will fill you again. It may be enough to get you around the next bend where all you find is rocky terrain. He will never leave or forsake you, so embrace the change of pace and push forward, your finish line to this leg of the race is near.

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