Background: It’s 6:57 AM and I’m driving to one of my favorite breakfast spots to treat myself. I’m praying on the way, thanking God for my 33 years and the word restrainless comes to mind. I’m going to carry out the rest of my days without restraint.

Many things can be restraints in our lives, but since its my birthday, I’m going to focus on mine.

I chose to not be restrained by reason but to operate in wisdom. I will not be restrained by time, I will set a plan in place. I will not be restrained by fear but will go forward in faith. I will not let a lack of knowledge restrain my ideas. I won’t let the opinions of men restrain me to a path that was never meant for me. I will no longer restrain my words to make you feel comfortable (always speaking with skillful and Godly Wisdom, in the law of kindness [giving counsel and instruction]. (Proverbs 31:26 AMP)). I will learn from history but I will not allow it to restrain my future. I won’t be retrained by grudges or unforgiveness, but will let love cover all things. I choose not to be restrained by that 1400 calorie diet my trainer put me on, well, at least til I reach my desired body image (which at this point is going to slowing slip my reach as my belly expands over the coming months). I won’t restrain my wardrobe to a few styles but I’ll flip the script every now and then.

I don’t know what restraints you have in your life, but join me in casting off the ones that keep us from flourishing.

Reference: Proverbs 31:26, I’m sure there are other inferences in there.

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