The Finer Things in Life

Background: Sitting in the locker room at the gym and I have no choice but to hear the music they are playing throughout the gym. This male is singing about how he can give some female the finer things in life. I chuckle, because although we experience the finer things in life with others, those things don’t come from a pompous person.

Diamonds, yachts, shopping sprees, they all sound wonderful and all of us would love to experience them. But I beg to differ if these are to be considered the finer things in life. They are the more expensive things in life, but not necessarily the finer things. Here’s my take on the finer things in life.

Good Memories: Being able to sit back and think on happy, unforgettable moments in life is a precious treasure. Even more so is being able to reminisce with others that were able to share that experience with you. The good times we spend with others is priceless. It makes our lives meaningful and full. Having all the riches in the world and having no one to share them with would get old after a while.

Nature: I’m not the camping type, but I do like fishing. Not for the sport, but for the beautiful scenery and peaceful calm while fishing. A perfect day for me is 78-82 deg with a slight breeze and sunshine. Sitting a on bench watching something enjoyable, like the children playing or waves crashing against the shore. Nature is the wondrous backdrop that God has given us on this earth, and to take in his creation is always a joy. Traveling to other regions and seeing his creativity in those places is rewarding. more than any expensive gift one could buy. The sights and sounds of nature are unique and what you hear or see at that moment may never be seen or heard again.

Exciting the senses (not intoxicating them): Have you ever tasted something that totally excited your senses. The first thing that comes to mind for me are these chocolates that my husband buys for me. The flavor experience is so amazing its hard to describe. Or have you ever heard music that gave you goose bumps because the sound was something you had never heard and it inspired you. Or the smell of your favorite fragrance. When you put it on you feel as though the whole world could stop and stare at you.

Its obvious that I see life through a different lens. The finer things in life are meant for all to enjoy, not just those who can afford it. Things can lose their meaning and purpose over time, but the unforgettable experiences that we have enrich our lives and stay with us. Just as a P31 enriches her husband’s life and is invaluable, so are the finer things in life.  They differ from expensive material things in that material things can lose their value, just like fading beauty and fake charm. Proverbs 31:10 describes the P31 as someone of great value and hard to find. In our busy society, that focuses on things that don’t matter, it can be difficult to break away and find the finer things in like. I encourage you to get off the hamster wheel of life and begin enjoying the finer things.

References: Proverbs 31:10-11, 30

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