Butting In

The after hours can be used for all different types of activities, including but not limited to: relaxing, going out with friends, cozying up with your Boo, or most importantly, sleeping. We currently have an infant at our house and she butts in to the after hours on a regular basis. In the beginning, there were no AM and PM shifts followed by an after hours, it was 24/7 baby shift with a few mandated breaks for sleep. But our little bundle of joy is acclimating to the flow of our family which allows the shifts to be better defined and the after hours to come out of the dark.

Some families may not have a bundle of joy, but an ailing parent that joins their team. And they may not be able to get up to speed and pull their weight when they come to your home. There are all kinds of situations life will present that require you to redefine your shifts and that may temporarily obliterate your after hours. But any person that’s wise knows that at some point you have to have a moment to yourself in order to be a contributing member to the team and not an enemy of the team.

If you’re like me, and have had to endure the situations of life butting in on your time of kicking it with your friends or simply sitting to read a book, the good thing is it won’t always be that way. If it’s a baby, enjoy every moment, they’ll never be that age again. If it’s an ailing parent, cherish the time they have left on this beautiful planet. If you’re picking up extra 9-5 shifts to get your team through a tough time, keep your eyes set on the goal.

You’re awesome, let your team know they are awesome today.


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